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Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse Review

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

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The Model O from Glorious is an Budget ultralightweight mouse that comes in at $49.99 for the ‘matte’ edition (Image above) and $59.99 for the ‘glossy’ edition (image below).


The biggest problem we found while testing this mouse was the shape. When holding the mouse you can tell Glorious made some big sacrifices on the ergonomics side to push it down to the weight it comes in at, while finger/claw grip users will be able to make do just fine we suspect it would be almost impossible to comfortably use a palm grip gamer. Although the Glorious Model O is far ahead of its competitors in many aspects including weight, build quality isn't quite up to par in comparison to other mouse's at this price range and feels somewhat cheap (especially the bottom).


The Model O features a PixArt PMW3360 top optical sensor, customizable 3-zone RGB lighting, an extremely flexible cable and G-Skates pure PTFE mouse feet. the matte edition comes in at 67 grams and the glossy at 68 grams. Only 10 grams lighter than the much pricier ‘Finalmouse air 58’. We found the Model o to be very aesthetically pleasing with clear RGB zones and could fit into any setup with ease.


The Glorius software was impressively easy to install and use featuring options for macros, a variety of RGB color customization and effects and dpi customization up to 12000 to ensure even the highest sense users will be satisfied. You also have the option to create multiple different profiles for different games, apps etc.

Overall we cant reccomend the Glorius model o enough, if you seek a lightweight mouse with a quality build for such a reasonable price look no further than the Glorius model o.



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