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LOGITECH G512 SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Updated: Sep 3, 2020




We've seen a lot of new mechanical keyboards on the market recently but for the more than reasonable price of £69.99 we thought we'd have to give the Logitech G512 SE a try. Out of the many Logitech gaming keyboards this one really stood out to us because on paper it's the perfect keyboard, But we're here to find out whether or not expectations meet reality, so lets get into it!


The first you'll notice out of the box is the superb build quality. It features an aircraft-grade aluminium alloy chassis that has somewhat of a black wooden look to it (see image above)

this makes this keyboard suitable for both gaming setups and professional spaces such as offices. This keyboard features XG Blue mechanical switches which may not feel as satisfying as other more pricy switches but for the price and demographic they perform perfectly well and feel a lot nicer than your basic membrane keyboard. LIGHTSYNC RGB is featured here and it looks spectacular, using Logitech G HUB you can make your own lighting effects, choose from various pre sets, download other users pre made profiles for your own use or turn the rgb lighting off completely.


Please note that all the problems we found with this keyboard are subjective and many may view them as pros so keep that in my mind while reading this section. The first issue is the size, this keyboard is complete and therefore takes up around 40% more space than a 60% keyboard like the critically acclaimed DIERYA DK61E(UK)/DIERYA DK61E(US). The rgb lighting also isn't as bright as some might like although we think it will be just right for most as it offers 5 different brightness levels (one of those being completely dimmed).


We think any gamer is going to enjoy the luxury gaming experience that you see with this keyboard, it's a perfect mix of design and performance although at roughly $69.99 its not the cheapest gaming keyboard its also far from the priciest and for this price range there's really nothing that can beat it.



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